A farmer's second home - The Batticaloa market

The smell of sweat, scent of hard work is one of the things you get to experience in the Batticaloa market.

The market is a nothing new to all of us and I’m sure every one of us would have visited it at one point of our lives. We go, sometimes bargain and buy the necessary goods. But, have you ever wondered what happens to those goods before they come to the market, how do the vendors get it to the market, is it worth bargaining?

Well, these questions can be well answered if you visit the Batticaloa market on any fine day probably in the morning.

The market is a tall building located in the heart of the city. As, you enter the road you get to see a variety of shops selling various items from clothing to spices and daily groceries. Amidst those is a tall building, the main market building apparently. The building is two storied, fish and other sea food varieties are sold on the top floor and organic vegetables and fruits are sold in the ground floor.

The market starts to function at around 8am every day and goes on till 2:30pm. The vegetable vendors arrive early in the morning with their goods, arranging them for sale. The vegetable vendors get their goods by auctioning. Vegetables and fruits are bought from various parts of Srilanka.

 Up country vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, carrot etc. are bought from Newerelya. The local vegetables like brinjal, potato, onion, tomato, bitter gourd, bottle gourd etc. are grown here in Batticaloa in the tropical climate, these are comparatively cheap.

The unique feature about the capsicum grown in Newerelya is that it has a blunt taste and isn’t spicy but that grown in Dambulla is extremely spicy.

After the auction, the vendors sell the vegetables and fruits with a small profit in the market. There are various counters selling a variety of soiled vegetables. So fresh that you get the smell of soil. Banana is the main fruit sold here; almost all local Srilankan varieties are sold here.

The fish vendors on the other hand arrive after fishing to sell their daily catch. You get to see a variety of fish like shark, mackerel, king fish etc. and also prawn and crab varieties, cuttle fish and lobsters occasionally. Oysters are sold throughout the year. As you climb up the stairs you get the scent of the sea and sometimes you might see crabs walking on d counters or crawling off the ground.

Bargaining is something that is of no value here, in my opinion. A day that starts early and ends late needs its value, don’t you think so?


Ragavi Ravichandran



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Ragavi Ravichandran

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