A to Z Surf School, Arugam Bay

A to Z Surf School is located on the east coast of the Island about 350km from Colombo. It is a surfer’s paradise and one of the best surf spots in Sri Lanka—3rd best surfing destination in the world. We have the best deal in town and the most experienced surfing teachers—professionals who use easy teaching methods.

We offer one surfing teacher for up to 2 students at a time. If your group is more than two then we will provide one more surfing teacher to help the additional student(s).

When teaching a child we offer a single teacher for each child.

If you book through us for transportation we will give a discount for each trip to the surf breaks. In Arugam Bay we have many surf point breaks: main point and baby point are walking distance, elephant rock is a 15 minute drive by tuk tuk, Whisky Point and peanut farm are a 20 minute drive by tuk tuk, Panama is a  30 minute drive by tuk tuk, Okanda, green room, and light house are a one1 hour drive by tuk tuk. We update our surf report every day so we can chose the best waves for our students.
Why we are best in town is we give high priority to safety and rectifying our mistakes. We do our best to gain your confidence at all times and our teachers can teach all level of surfers. I hope you will enjoy the best waves with us.

Our Team 

Faiz Mohideen is the Coaching Director of the A to Z surf school. He has long board surfing experience since childhood and more than 8 years teaching experience.

Dr. Ding is (Mr. Shiyam) is a short board pro surfer in the under 21 age category. He speaks good English. He has 3 years teaching experiences. He started surfing surfing as a 6 year old.

Kuty is (K. Vimalson) is also a short board pro surfer in the under 21 age category. He also speaks good English. He has 3 years teaching experiences. He started surfing surfing as an 8 year old.

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Latitude: 6.845061 Longitude: 81.830637 Elevation: 21 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Faiz Mohideen

Areas of Service and Expertise


Get on board—book your place, sign up for our courses—which will teach you all about the world of surfing and our love and respect for the sea, surfing techniques, and all the necessary safety measures so you can enjoy surfing with confidence from the start.

Our surf beach is gold sand with great waves for beginners and is a safe spot for everyone.

Our goal is to help each student reach their highest level of self confidence

Our vision: come with us and surf the best waves. Take the opportunity to surf in one of the best surf spots in Arugam Bay. You can enjoy surfing with our teaching methods—developed by Australian Surf Pro....

Surf School

Our surf teachers are the most experienced teachers in the town, so far. You have the chance to learn to surf and to prefect your technique—instructed by one of the best surfers in this country. Students at our school can enjoy the facilities of our surf house, for example, sun cream, wet suits, safety kits, etc......

Surf Training

Our surf training will help you to improve your teaching. You will follow a physical training plan and improve your technical / tactical performance whatever your level. We bring all of our experience to train surfer to enjoy bigger and better waves.
Our surf teachers are also highly recommended for kids. We are the best in town for the kid’s 6 years of age till 18 years of age.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

  • Surfing lesson 
  • Surf tour
  • Surf camping / wildlife camping
  • Surfboard rental
  • Surfboard buying and selling (brand new & secondhand)
  • Sale of surfboard accessories: fins, leashes, takpade, wax
  • Safari
  • Taxi service (all Island) 

We have been doing this for more than 10 years.

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

Faiz has owned the business since 2000.

Accessibility Notes

We are located in the centre of Arugam Bay next door to Danish Villa. It is easy to find us—we are close to every hotel. 

Pet Friendly Notes

We love pets but they not allowed, sorry.

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