Abishek Sea Shells Fancy Goods, Trincomalee

See different types and designs of seashells and the fancy goods made out of them. They are inexpensive but have a great value. Nicely designed, polished, and finished.

Our products are ideal to offer your loved ones as a gift, keep in your showcase, hang on your entrance area as a sign of blessing and welcoming, wear on a chain around your neck, use as a key pad/name pad, or even keep on your office table.    

We have sales outlets in our home and at the Nilaveli Beach site.

Special orders can be taken. Special discounts for shops and wholesale traders.  

Price ranges from LKR 50 to LKR 500.

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Latitude: 8.6925 Longitude: 81.188132 Elevation: 27 ft
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Seasons Open

We are open daily.

Accessibility Notes

Our production centre is located 1 km from the Trincomalee-Nilaveli Main Road at JICA Housing Scheme, Iqbal Nagar, Nilaveli which is about 12 km from Trincomalee town. Ask for JICA Housing Scheme.

Our sales outlet is located at the public entrance to Nilaveli Beach, which is about 14 km from Trincomalee Town. Accessible to all vehicles. 

Pet Friendly Notes

No restriction for pets

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