Arayampathy, Batticaloa

One of the ancient villages in the land of singing fish with rich traditions and cultures. Located around 6 km south of Batticaloa town on the Batticaloa – Kalmunai main road neighboring popular Kattankudy town.

The current land mark of the village is the several "Statues" (bronzes) of great personalities including ancient Kings, Queens and Community leaders, constructed on the middle of the road in a long line. Some people refer Arayampathy as "village of statues" for this reason.

There are several natural and man-made attractions one would find in this village:

- The 7 Bronzes

- Arayampathy beach

- Hindu temples (49 temples), Mosques (17 mosques) and Churches (11) of historical importance. The Annual festivals of Sri Kandasamy kovil, Hannahi Amman kovil,  and Fatima Church are very popular events.

- Several water bodies  (lakes, tanks and lagoon)

- The Manmunai bridge and the lagoon

- Children park and cultural hall

- Indoor Badminton Court

- Aramyampathy Vegetable Market (this is famous for traditional country vegetables at a cheaper prize)  

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Latitude: 7.65695 Longitude: 81.740413 Elevation: 23 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Alagaiyah Hariharan


Arayampathy was called "AARAIPATTAI" in the ancient times that has a history dating back for centuries with the Kings and Queens period. Aaraipattai (also known as Manmunai) was the capital of the region ruled by Queen "Ulaganachi", the daughter of Indian King Kulasenan. King Gunasingan who was ruling Batticaloa then donated Manmunai area to Ulaganachi as a respect for the "Tooth Relic" of Lord Buddha brought by her from India.

Arayampathy has been the home for Hindus, Muslims and Christians for generations. The beauty of Arayampathy is that Tamils and Muslims live in harmony for centuries irrespective of decades long ethnic and civil unrests.

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