Arisimalai, Trincomalee

Arisimalai can be translated as “Rice Mountain” or "Mountain of Rice" in English. The Tamil word "Arisi" is "Rice" and "Malai" is "Mountain" in English. Arisimalai is a small beach surrounded by sand rocks and situated approximately 2.5 km away from Pulmoddai town, which is popular because of its rich mineral sand deposits and the Ilmenite mineral factory.

Arisimalai is famous for its unique feature of the size of its sand. The sand along this beach looks exactly like “Samba rice”. Have a walk on the sand! You would feel like walking on a heap of rice! There is a legend associated with Arisimali. A ship with full of rice belonging to Thapassu and Bhalluka brothers who were carrying the hair relic of lord Buddha with them, was caught in a cyclone and drifted to this beach.  The two brothers survived and reached inland through “Yan Oya”. When they came back to get their rice, the local people did not let them to get it and they had to left it on the beach. Eventually the rice became sand. That is how the place got its name and the odd sand.

Currently, the beach is maintained by the Sri Lankan Navy. 

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Latitude: 8.936623 Longitude: 81.007264 Elevation: 29 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Arisimalai beach is safe to have a sea bath as it is shallow crystal clear water surrounded by small rocks from two edges and therefore the waves are not so rough. Swimming is also possible. You can enjoy some beach games with your family and friends.

The beach and the surroundings have a fantastic scenic view and you could capture some beautiful pictures. You can also have your family picnic at this beach. 

Seasons Accessible

Arisimalai beach can be accessed round the year, however better to avoid rainy seasons. The best season to visit is between April to September. 


There is no entrance fee.

Eco-Friendly Notes

The location is blessed with natural richness. From the entrance, you need to walk about 3/4 km through a small path covered with trees and bushes that gives you a pleasant feeling. The beach is clean and beautiful. 

Visitors are expected to preserve the environment and respect cultural diversity. 

Accessibility Notes

Arisimalai is situated at Pulmoddai, 57 Km from Trincomalee city. The road from Trincomalee to Pulmoddai is in a very good condition and it may take around 1.5 - 2 hours drive to reach Arisimalai. You don't need to drive up to Pulmoddai town. Around 2 km before reaching the town, you would find a small military camp and a primary school at the 52nd Mile Post. By the side of the primary school, you will find an earth road that leads to Arisimalai. It is about 3 km from the main road to Arisimalai by interior roads which are not in good condition. There are no sign boards along the road side to guide you, hence it may be little difficult to a newcomer. It is advisable to be accompanied by a tour guide or a local person who is familiar with the inner roads. Since the inner roads are narrow, it is good to avoid large buses. 


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