Arugam Bay Bridge, Ampara

Since ancient times, Arugam Bay Bridge has served as the only means for connecting the famous Arugam Bay and Panama with Pottuvil and other parts of the country.

The 2004 tsumani destroyed the original Arugam Bay bridge and a new bridge replacing the old was constructed at a cost of US $10 million under the Tsunami Reconstruction Programme, with financial assistance from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The new bridge runs parallel to the old one and comprises two spans measuring 185 metres and offers user-friendly features like protected pedestrian walkways. The project launched in August 2006 and the bridge was declared opened in July 2008.

The new bridge provides an amazing view of the scenic lagoon, bar mouth, the beach and Arugam Bay's surfing points.

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Latitude: 6.85479 Longitude: 81.83148
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Accessibility Notes

The bridge is the entry point to Arugam Bay. From Pottuvil drive along the Panama road, pass the STF Camp you will arrive at Arugam Bay Bridge.  Approximately 3.5 km from Pottuvil. 

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets allowed at owners' risk. 

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