Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay, a world popular surfing hot spot and tourist destination, is situated on the Southeast coast of Sri Lanka, approximately 320 km from the capital city Colombo. 

Arugambay has something for everyone. it has been ranked among the top surf sites in the world. In addition to surfing, the area has much more to offer such as lagoon tours, bird watching, elephant viewing, Kumana National Park safari, a visit to Kudumpigala monastery and many ancient ruins & archaeological sites. It attracts thousands of surfers as well as nature lovers every year. 

The village itself is a delightful experience. There are no big hotel chains here, but you can find more than one hundred and fifty small hotels or guest houses that provide comfortable services for the tourists. The community  has developed tourism with their own hard work and imagination. 

Surfers share the beach with local fishermen. The  beach is long, so it never seems crowded even at the height of the season. 

Arugam Bay is on the southeast coast, within Sri Lanka’s dry zone, so squalls are and far between. November to January is the cool season. From April to August, when the surf is best, the temperature can reach above 36c in  the shade. Arugam Bay is popular among local tourists as they can bathe there year round.

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Latitude: 6.844518 Longitude: 81.832493 Elevation: 3 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Faizar Sulfi


Arugam Bay has a long history to discover. It was started as a small fishing village and slowly turned into a tourism hub. 

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