Babath: Fried Gut

Babath is an appetizer, quite popular in Sri Lanka. It is a unique dish made out of the intestines of goat. The gut is first removed along with the fat, marinated in a mix of Sri lankan spices along with the basic spices like salt, pepper and chili powder and then deep fried.

Babath tastes spicy and crunchy. Goes best with pittu, string hoppers or if you are a fan of kottu, the kottu chef would add it in the kottu for you.

In Batticaloa, babath is prepared mostly in Muslim restaurants. You can get it at any local Muslim restaurant here. A few places I would recommend are

Milleth Restaurant, Arasadi

Hajiyar Restaurant, Main street

If you get the chance, do give it a try.


Ragavi Ravichandran

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Ragavi Ravichandran

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