Batticaloa Gate

Puliyantivu was an isolated island before British rule; the only access to the island was by small boats. Batticaloa Gate was recently built as a monument at the exact spot that had been used as a landing site by these small boats. The place was also used as a loading and unloading point for goods, an old hand operated winch still exists at the location that reminds us of the old days. In 1814 Rev. William Ault, the first Methodist missionary and the founder of Batticaloa Central College landed here. A statue of him also stands next to Batticaloa Gate. The structure is located within the Mahatma Gandhi Park and can be accessed at any time through the park gates..

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Latitude: 7.713485 Longitude: 81.699777 Elevation: 12 ft
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Charles Rajendra Moses

Seasons Open

All year around

Accessibility Notes

Accessible for persons with disabilities 

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not encouraged within the park premises where the structure exist.

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