Batticaloa Lagoon Environmental Learning Centre, Batticaloa

The Lagoon Environmental Learning Centre is located just in front of the Batticaloa Lighthouse along the Batticaloa Lagoon shoreline. This is a wonderful place for those who are keen to learn about the lagoon ecosystem. The Centre's location leads to an appreciation of important coastal features such as mangroves, sand bars, river mouths, and activities such as fishing and bird watching.

The Centre offers the following services and facilities: 

1. Wall paintings of local artists providing information on Lagoon ecosystem.

2. Library: Consisting of a large number of books and reading materials related to environmental preservation, protection of sea plants, coastal management, etc. You can refer to more than 200 books in English, Tamil & Sinhala mediums. School children, University students both from Local and International Universities and NGOs visit this Resource Centre and refer these books. 

3. Exhibition Hall: A nicely organized exhibition hall which has valuable information about a variety of sea plants, the benefits of sea plants, and the effects of destroying them. Another exhibition details local coastal livelihood activities, and the threats caused the litter of plastic/polithine materials.

4. The Souvenir Shop - The Centre organizes training programs for unemployed girls to produce  hand made souvenirs using locally available raw materials such as seashells, palmyra leaf, coconut shell etc,. These souvenirs are displayed at the souvenir shop for sale at a very reasonable price. Please remember that you contribute to uplifting the lives of these poor girls when you buy these products.

By buying souvenirs in the shop, you support these girls. The products they make include key tags, chains, and pendants. The Centre also conducts training for unemployed youth and they create and make souvenirs at their home, then bring them to the souvenir shop to be sold at reasonable price.

5. Auditorium: A nicely furnished auditorium is available for hosting events. This auditorium can accommodate 50 people at a time. Multimedia and other necessary equipment is available. We charge Rs. 4000 p/d for conferences, meetings, seminars or workshops. For functions and other events, we charge Rs. 6000 p/d. Multimedia and other extra equipment requires a small fee. 

6. Cafeteria: Refreshments, tea, and meals can be arranged. Sri Lankan dishes, Indian dishes, seafood items, soft drinks, snacks, tea, coffee etc. are available upon. The dining hall can accommodate 20 people at a time.

7. Viewing Hall: On top of the building we have a terrace with a stunning view for you to appreciate the beauty of the lagoon, mangroves, and local birds.

8. Rooms: We offer comfortable rooms to our guests-  1 single (Rs.900), 1 double (Rs.1500), and 1 triple (Rs.2000) with attached bathroom and fully furnished. Non-A/C. Reservations can be made by phone - +94 65 222 9144. Preference will be given to University students, officers, NGO workers, and families. Meals can be arranged on request or you can cook your own meals.

Wi-Fi connection is provided free of charge for guests. In the main hall you can leisurely sit and watch TV. 

Van, three-wheeler, car, or mini-bus could be arranged on request.

The Centre also organizes long Boat rides in the Lagoon to Bone Island, Kallady Bridge and Dutch Fort and the famous "singing Fish" spot. Our tours are definetly an unforgettable experience!  

Demos are available at the Centre from 8.30 am - 5.00 pm and each demo may take around 5-10 minutes, depending on the visitors.    .  

The Centre also provides trainings in courses such as rescue swimming, fishing, boat riding, disaster management, and environmental management.


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Latitude: 7.754835 Longitude: 81.6854 Elevation: 20 ft
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Seasons Open

Year round

Hours Open

The Centre is opened 24/7. However, the Office is opened from 8.30am - 5.00pm daily.


Entrance Free! Rooms - single (Rs.900), double (Rs.1500), and triple (Rs.2000). Auditorium - Rs. 4000 - 6000 per day. Boat riding - Rs. 3000 per boat.

Eco-Friendly Notes

No alcohol consumption or smoking inside the building.

No cutting or taking plants.

Respect waste management best practices. 


Accessibility Notes

Can access by any vehicle. Easiest route is coming along the Bar Road. Ask for the Batticaloa Lighthouse. You will see the sign for the Centre just opposite to the Lighthouse. 

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets not allowed.

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