Betel Cultivation, Batticaloa

The glossy and heart-shaped betel leaf is part of the tradition and culture of Sri lanka. Betel in Batticaloa is widely cultivated in small plots around  Kaluthavalai, Kaluwanchikudy and Thethathivu areas. This twining vine plant is part of the pepper family, with leaves that yield aromatic essential oils rich in antiseptic phenol. The cultivation of Betel needs a lot of care to receive the maximum price. Betel is chewed with tobacco leaf mostly in south Asian countries.  

 A sheaf of betel leaves is offered as a mark of respect during introductions, greeting elders, and greeting dignitaries at special occasions. It is also offered to elders for their blessings during the New Year.

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Latitude: 7.531115 Longitude: 81.799647 Elevation: 30 ft
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Activities at this Site

  • Visit to Betel cultivation plots and involve in harvesting
  • The region also cultivate other field crops
  • Visit to paddy fields and home garden and vegetable gardens.

Hours Open

Ideal to visit during the morning hours while the harvesting is ongoing 8am -11am

Seasons Open

All year round since betel is a long term crop.

Accessibility Notes

Take the Colombo- Batticaloa highway, just passing a small town called kirankulam, you will reach Kaluthavalai where you would find plenty of small plots of betel cultivation. Take the turn to your right passing the Kaluthavalai Maha vidiyalam (school)

Kaluthavalai is located around 27km from Batticaloa town and takes around 30 min to reach the area by Bus

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not allowed 

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