Boat Tours in the Batticaloa Lagoon

Would you like to have a stirring boat tour in the deep blue lagoon? Here you Go....!

Batticaloa Lagoon is an ideal place to have a great boat riding session with your family, friends and colleagues. No visitors want to miss this exciting boat tour. Different types of boats such as paddle boats, kayaks, swan boats and motor boats are available for you to hire on an hourly basis to discover the rich natural features of the Batticaloa Lagoon.

The Lagoon Park and the Light House Sports Club are the two entities providing safe boat tour services to the visitors and guests. You can enjoy short distance boat rides in the Sinna Uppodai Lagoon with paddle boats, kayaks and swan boats. Fully equipped motor boats are provided by these two entities for long water rides in the Lagoon. Have a wonderful and thrilling experience of visiting the Bone Island, Kallady Bridge, Dutch Fort, Batticaloa Gate, Gandhi Park, Public Bus stand and even go further down to Manthivu, near the Batticaloa Base-Hospital.  You can take a 3-hour long water ride through the blue water accompanied by a guide. 

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Latitude: 7.754985 Longitude: 81.686065 Elevation: 13 ft
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About the Vessel

The vessels are fiber glass boats powered by outboard motor engines and can accommodate 7-8 persons at a time. The passengers will be provided with life jackets and a pre-departure briefing on the tour, the places to be visited, and necessary safety measures.  

Seasons Open and Departure

Boat Tours are operated throughout the year. Best season is between March to October. Morning and evening hours would be wonderful to take these boat rides.

Length of Tour

It takes around 30-60 minutes for the short distance tour within Sinna Uppodai Lagoon. The boat tour up to Gandhi Park takes around 90-120 minutes. The tour up Manthivu takes around 180-240 minutes.

Costs and Fees

Fee varies from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10000. The short distance tour costs only Rs. 1000, where the tour up to Gandhi Park costs Rs.35000, and the tour up to Manthivu costs Rs.10000 per boat.  

Appropriate Age Groups

Ideal for all age groups. Children should be accompanied with their parents.

How to Find the Departure Point

Just drive to Batticaloa Light House at Palameenmadu via Bar Road. The Departure Point is just opposite to the Light House. Signs are also visible. 

Eco-Friendly Notes

Please do not throw any trash into the Lagoon.  


Locally or Family-Owned Business

Boat Tours are operated by a Society (Sports Club) and a family (Lagoon Park). 


Accessibility Notes

Batticaloa Lighthouse is located around 5 km from Batticaloa city and can be reached via Bar Road or Lake Road which is called Munich Victoria Friendship Road. Can be accessed by all kinds of vehicles.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not allowed. 

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