Buddhangala Monastery, Ampara

A Forest Hermitage of Ancient Tradition.

Hidden among a thick jungle full of wild elephants and leopards is the Buddangalamonastery, a Buddhist meditation Centre, which is nearly 2300 years old.

Established in the second century BC by a provincial Princess named, Chitra;the ruins of a once thriving temple and monastery is found scattered over an area of 200 acres within the jungle. The standing ruins spreading across five rocky mountains scattered with ponds tells the story of a vast hermitage in the days gone by when Ampara was a flourishing agricultural and trade base in the East of Sri Lanka, then known as Digamadulla.

The Brahim letter inscriptions on the rock face explains the procedures of building the temple under the guidance of Princess Chitra and the supervision of her accountant , a written evidence of affluence and opulence of the age old Digamadulla.

The monastery had been built in and around a rocky mountain scattered with caves and ponds, which are now the home and play grounds of many a wild beasts. The temple which is found on site today is built on a mountain which holds the finely carved stone remains of five buildings and a ruined stupa, which is yet to be excavated.

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Latitude: 7.331837 Longitude: 81.703643 Elevation: 189 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Udana Wickramasinghe

Hours Open

Morning till evening.

Seasons Open

All year round

Time Period Represented

2nd Century BC

Visitor Fees

Not applicable

Accessibility Notes

Drive to Ampara Town and proceed on Ampara-Uhana-Mahaoya Highway. Turn right at 69th Mile Post Junction,  turn left onto Dharmapala Mawatha and go through a roundabout pass by Home for the Aged. Turn left at Buddangala junction onto Buddhangala Road. It approximately 6Km from Ampara town.

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