Burgher Union, Batticaloa

The Burgher Union was formed in the 1920s to preserve and foster the cultural heritage and identity of the Burgher Community. The members of the community are poor but they maintain the traditions and identity and some among them speak the language of the Portuguese. They even today speak Creole Portuguese. The traditions of the Burgher are still being maintained among the community. These are being followed at weddings and at important functions of the community. Over 80% of the families are impoverished and live below the poverty line. Almost all the Burghers are tradesmen. Over 90% are carpenters and a large number are master carpenters. The rest are mechanics, welders, black smiths etc. A few serve in the public service and some are involved in small business.

The Union concentrates on the education of children and youth. The Union is also involved in promoting the income level of the carpenters and others involved in different trades.

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Latitude: 7.72028 Longitude: 81.704641 Elevation: 34 ft
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Terrance Sellar

What You Will Discover there Now

We perform traditional Portuguese songs and dances.
Musicians are:
Violin: Freddie Sellar, Steven Andrado and Newton Sellar, Angelo Pietersz
Guitar: Terrance Sellar
Drum: Edward Outschoorn and Dekly Pietersz
1. Tara de Batticaloa.
This is a duet sung by: Lourth Juliet Ragel, Stefi Onita Pietersz, Romeka Hendrick, Edwin Outschoorn, Charles Richard Kely and Jeniston Ragel.
2. Kaffringha Dance:
Dance by: Magin Balthazaar, Clinton Ragel, Lesly Outschoorn, Delmon Sellar, Fumy Outschoorn, Roshela Barthelot, Madona Sellar and Chrismalin De Lima
3. Kavi Nona:
Sung by:
Larry Ockersz
Duke Speck
Kenny Andrado
4. Lancers Dance – Kind of a drille
Performers are: Magin Balthazaar, Robin Ragel, Clinton Ragel, Delmon Sellar, Fumy Outschoorn, Roshela Barthelot, Madona Sellar and Chrismalin De Lima
Sung by:
Newston Balthazaar, Defno Starrack, Laroy Ockersz, Duke Speck, Reene Andrado and Angel Outschoorn

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