Butterfly Peace Garden, Batticaloa.

The Butterfly Peace Garden (BPG) is a center focused on empowering children and youth through the use of indigenous creative art and cultural ritual. The center is committed to creating a serene, jubilant, and non-violent world for the people that visit it. 

BPG organizes a number of programmes and activities, including healing programmes, skills development activities, Grand Opera, Street Theater events and monthly Cultural/Charity evenings the evening prior to 'Full Moon Poya Day.' Artists, peace makers, ritual healers and children participate in the event and all are welcome. 

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Latitude: 7.724154 Longitude: 81.670851 Elevation: 43 ft
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Butterfly Garden

History of Area

The Butterfly Peace Garden Batticaloa was started in 1996 from the inspiration of the Spiral Garden of Toronto, Canada. 

Acessibility Notes

Located approximately 5 km away from Batticaloa town along the Batticaloa - Trincomalee main road. You will need to take a left turn at the junction where you see the Butterfly Peace Garden sign.  

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