Crab curry in Eastern Sri Lanka

Crab is a popular food. It can be prepared in a various ways. The two main ways for preparing crab are dry or curry. Many traditional Sri Lankan herbs and spices are added to make the crab dish rich and delicious.

Eastern Sri Lanka is famous for its crab curries. The region is renowned for its fresh seafood readily available along the coast throughout the year. You can find delicious crab dishes in almost all the hotels, restaurants and guesthouses throughout the region.

There are two main varieties of crabs you can find in the region – lagoon crab and sea crab. Lagoon crab is the most famous in the region as it is more tasty and fleshier than the other. Crab curries are made in different recipes such as ”spicy crab curry or red crab curry”, “white crab curry”, “Jaffna crab curry”, “devilled crab”, and “fried crab”. On special order, crab meat can be obtained without the shell and comes as a shredded substance to which spices and condiments are added.  

Crab curries are served mainly for lunch and dinner as you need to spend a little longer time to fully taste a crab dish. Crab starters can be provided on request. Crab can be eaten with rice, pittu, rotti etc.  

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