Diving on the wreckage of HMS Hermes - Sri Lanka Diving Tours, Batticaloa

The wreck Hermes was world’s first purpose built air craft carrier! Bombed by the Japanese during the 2nd world war! Resting in the East coast of sri lanka Batticaloa at a depth of 42 – 53m.


Spectacular dive expedition to the wreckage of the first purpose built aircraft carrier of the world , HMS Hermes. For the Tec Deep Diver looking for high adventure, dive the wreckage of the Hermes off the coast of Batticaloa. 

Get started! Open up a whole new world and discover what lies under the surface of the seas. Sri Lanka Diving Tours offers a free “try dive” in the pool so that you can judge for yourself whether diving is for you. 

Sri Lanka Diving Tours is a five star PADI instructor development center (IDC) which  has everything you need from recreational to technical and Trimix gas swap diving.  Hence well equipped to provide services for CCR (closed circuit re-breather) divers.

We take care of everything. We can provide you with all the required equipment. Arrange for the boat to take you to the dive site and PADI Professionals to guide you. Our staff is multilingual, experienced, and determined to give you an exciting and a safe diving experience.

Felician Fernando, the only Tec Deep Instructor, provides services to dive HMS Hermes with air AND Trimix  in Batticaloa.   Feli has  600 dives on the wreck Hermes.

Depart from the Deep Sea Resort!

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Latitude: 7.825222 Longitude: 81.729107 Elevation: -152 ft
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Felician Fernando

Dive Depth

53 meters

Dive Features

Wreckage of HMS Hermes - dive to greater depths of about 45 – 50 m to the HMS Hermes The guns and shells are visible at about 44m – 48m. The propeller which is still connected to the shaft is located at around 48m. We swim through the wreck, observing, and exploring the scattered military hardware used by air craft carriers during World War II.


Best Times to Dive

Best Diving season is between March to September, morning hours. After an early breakfast at Deep Sea Resort, depart by boat at 0700 hrs to the dive site, drop anchor, and scroll down the anchor rope so as to get acquainted with the currents and tidal conditions. We hover around 42m- 44 m on top of the wreck area. Usually the current is very strong.

Best Access to Dive Spot

By boat from Deep Sea Resort.

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