Ecowave (Gte) Ltd- A Social Enterprise

We are a social enterprise promoting sustainable development in Sri Lanka. Established in June 2012, we are devoted particularly to the most vulnerable, neglected and forsaken people, regardless of age, gender, race, religious belief and political opinion.

Ecowave (Guarantee) Limited is a completely autonomous entity, but it is established upon the positive experiences and lessons learnt of the work of two International NGOs, ICEI and OVERSEAS, which pioneered the social benefit enterprise model in remote areas of the Central and Eastern Province, and created the foundation for Ecowave to operate.

We are a group of higly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals in multiple facets of sustainable development who have been instrumental in creation of social action projects ,then look to ways to make those more sustainable Ecowave has a clear norm about what it does with its profits, reinvesting these to further the social mission to demonstrate social impact – people being brought out of poverty, vulnerable people having new skills, jobs being created, pollution diminished, whatever the aim of the social entrepreneur – is crucial to show the world that this is not "business as usual". 

  • Our Philosophy

"Doing Good Doing Green"

With our motto “Doing Good Doing Green“, we are committed to promote sustainable production and consumption patterns. The global community needs to adopt different strategies to mitigate the many challenges we currently facing, such as climate change, economic crisis and, at the same time, to guarantee the fulfillment of the needs of the future generations.

Sustainable production refers to the supply side: we try to focus on improving environmental performance/sustainable practices in key economic sectors, such as agriculture, agro-industry and tourism.

Sustainable consumption addresses the demand side: we try to focus on influencing consumers’ behavior towards more sustainable choices, stressing that the goods and services are required to meet basic standards to improve quality of life - such as food and drinks, health, shelter, clothing and leisure.

  • Where We Work

Our community network exists in rural villages of Ampara,Moneragala,Kandy & Matale Ditricts with Community Based Organizations consists of small holder farming families , mainly they engage with organic home garden,rice cultivation, seed paddy production, spice cultivation and other sustainable income generation activities.

Ecowave recognizes the business of organic farming as the foundation of the organic sector and its sustainability, and works to connect everyone along the organic supply chain so we work not only with farmers but with processors, distributors, retailers and all points along the organic value chain to share a strong voice to ensure the protection of the organic sector and encourage its continued growth.

Arugam Bay and its suburbs,Heeloya village in Kandy and Matale are key sustainable tourism promotion destinations being promoted by Ecowave where the local community, CBOs and partner organizations involving hosting tourists. Licenced area local guides from particular villages accompany the tourists.

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Latitude: 6.848832 Longitude: 81.830197 Elevation: 13 ft

Activities at this Site

  • Organic agriculture 
  • Community based tourism  

Hours Open

8.00AM - 7.00PM

Seasons Open

Whole year

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not allowed inside the outlet.

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