Egg roti - Egg on rocks

Ever wondered if something could be simple and yet taste good too?

There are a quiet a few delicacies in this range and one of this is what I’m writing this article on, the “egg roti”

Egg roti is one dish that you could get anywhere on the go in Srilanka. And, if it’s Batticaloa, your taste buds are never going to let it go.

Egg roti is basically a combination of egg and flat bread. The flat bread is called roti and is made up of whole meal flour.

The roti is first made and if authentically prepared, is made on a rocky surface and then egg is added on top of it with top ons like tomato, onion, green chili etc. along with spices.

This tastes best in combination with plain gravy; the gravy usually is a semi thick liquid that’s made using coconut milk and a mixture of spices. And if you are in for more spiciness, chili paste is just the right choice for you. Chilli paste can either be dry chili flakes sautéed with salt and small prawns in oil or fresh red chili ground into paste along with salt.

One of the places that serve the best egg roti in Batticaloa is “Thameem restaurant”, located in Batticaloa town behind the clock tower. They serve it from late evenings till 9:30 pm.

So, go ahead and grab this quick and tasty snack while you look around Batticaloa.


Ragavi Ravichandran

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Ragavi Ravichandran

Hours Open

5:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Seasons Open

Through out the yeat

Price Style for this Establishment

$ - Less than $10

Family and Kid-Friendly Dining Notes

The restaurants have a friendly environment for family dining. Crowded at times, but its worth a try.

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