Eravur Town, Batticaloa

Eravur is one of 14 main divisions of Batticaloa. Like the other divisions Eravur too is governed by an urban council. Eravur town is located around 15 km north-west of Batticaloa town. Eravur is divided in to 16 Grama Niladhari Divisions, for better management of government services to the public. The majority of the population of Eravur are Muslims, like Kattankudy this town too is one of Batticaloa’s prominent business hubs. Meera Mohaideen Jummah Mosqu, Huda Mosque, Alighar Central College and the Olympic grounds are the main landmarks of Eravur town.

Eravur is situated between Passikudha (20 km) and Batticaloa Town (15 km). Travelers can buy their provisions in this town. The town also has a railway station and other transport links ( buses).

The Batticaloa district is famous for its locally grown cashew nuts and you can buy traditionally roasted cashew nuts from several shops in the Eravur town.



Latitude: 7.767008 Longitude: 81.614998 Elevation: 10 ft
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