Henanegala Len Viharaya, Mahaoya, Ampara

A rock temple, where King Dutugamunu gathered his warriors.

Believed to be one of the sixty four temples built by King Kawanthissa, Henanigala (also called "Senanigala") shot to fame when his son, great King Dutugamunu, chose the rock monastery to gather his forces against King Elara, a Tamil king who usurped the throne of Anuradhapura.

Identified to be one of the two ‘panchavasa’ temples remaining in the country Senanigala holds a stupa, a shrine room, a bodhigara or house around the Bodhi tree, a gathering hall and a preaching hall essential to qualify as a ‘panchavasa’ temple. 

Scattered around the main temple on the rocky plateau are a compound laid with stone slabs anda ninety five feet long drip-ledged cave,which housed the meditating monks of the eras gone by. Among the broken statues are a five feet tall Buddha image and a six feet statue believed to be of King Datugemunu.

Nothing but a road paved with stones wide enough for two horse chariots to pass abreast still remain at the foot of the mountain as witness to the bustling army organisation that was present in and around Senanigala.  


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Latitude: 7.583333 Longitude: 81.066667 Elevation: 288 ft
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Udana Wickramasinghe

Hours Open

Can be visited during day time

Time Period Represented

Nearly 2100 years ago.

Seasons Open

All seasons round the year

Visitor Fees

No visitor's fee

Accessibility Notes

Colombo – Kandy –Mahiyanganaya – Dehiatthakandiya – Aralaganvila (Bogas Handiya) – Turn Right (20 Km)– Aralaganvila Maha Oya Road (18 Km) – Senanaigala Temple (Approximately 266 Km and 5 hours drive from Colombo)

You can also easily access by Mahaoya - Aralaganvila road. MahaOya – Unuwathura Bubula – Senanigala Temple. Approximately 

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