Kattankudy, Batticaloa

The Arabian date palm trees along the centre of the road would make you to feel that you might have arrived at a middle-eastern country! This is the land mark of Kattankudy. 

Kattankudy is a 100 percent Muslim populated township in Sri Lanka located along its eastern coastline situated around 5 km south from the Batticaloa town on Batticaloa-Kalmunai Main Road. Kattankudy is notable for being one of the most densely populated cities in South Asia and the most densely populated Muslim region in the world. More than 50,000 inhabitants live in the township area of Kattankudy which is just two and a half square kilometers in area.

According to some senior residents of this township, Kattankudy had received a big boost in the seventeenth century when the Buddhist King Senarath of Kandy signed a Peace Treaty with the Portuguese in 1617. Later, 4,000 Muslim traders seeking asylum from Kotte and Sitawaka territories that were under Portuguese occupation settled along the eastern coast of his kingdom.

Kattankudy was much talked about internationally due to mosque massacre of 1990 by the LTTE.

The city is now much more popular amongst the locals as well as foreigners as the commercial hub of Batticaloa where you would see the colourful long stretch of wholesale and retail shops of all categories on both sides of the road. You would have a great shopping experience. Whatever your need can be bought here. Several visitors refer Kattankudy to world famous "China Towns" because you can buy things at a cheaper price.   

Kattankudy restaurants and chefs are famous island-wide for their tasty foods of various recipes. Most of the people crossing Kattankudy do not forget to stop their vehicles to have a nice breakfast/lunch/ dinner or hot "Samuza" (a snack) with "Ginger Plan-tea" or "Milk-maid tea".  There are nice restaurants situated along both side of the road with parking facility. After a rush shopping session or on your way home, refresh yourself and take away a pack of delicious snacks or meals to please your entire family.

You would see a polite, flexible and friendly businessmen in Kattankudy.  The Town is open till late and is a colourful and vibrant specially in the night!



Latitude: 7.689011 Longitude: 81.72947 Elevation: 29 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Azeez Sulaimanlebbai

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