Kothu rotti - The culinary pride of Batticaloa

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” I’m sure Batticaloa’s kothu rotti is the best example for this.

"Kothu" in Tamil means "Chop".Kothu rotti is a dish made of rotti and a combination of vegetables, egg and/or meat which includes red and white meat and spices which is chopped all at once.Hence the name kothu rotii. It is one of the dishes for which any Srilankan would die for.

This wonderful delicacy originated from Batticaloa around the early 70s by the local Tamil people. Kothu rotti is famous all over Srilanka.The speciality about this dish is that it can be eaten for any meal and has no fixed recipe. Even you and I can make it.Tastes best when served hot with plain gravy.

Another interesting feature about this dish is, its preparation, when you order it at a restaurant; you can see the chef composing music. Sounds strange isn’t it, after adding the ingredients the chef transforms himself into a music composer as he chops the kothu with a rhythm using blades and this gets the spirit of your taste buds high.

Batticaloa has many restaurants that serve kothu rotti.The taste beats any fast food you could lay your hands on and the mix of srilankan spices promises to seduce your senses and slay your insides.

Kothu rotti is the only dish which can be relished by eating and hearing in addition to sniffing. So, step into Batticaloa and grab your plate of kothu rotti.



Ragavi Ravichandran

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Ragavi Ravichandran

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