Kottu Roti in Eastern Sri Lanka

Kottu Roti or Kottu is another popular food in Sri Lanka, especially in the Eastern Sri Lanka. Kottu can be found in almost all the hotels, restaurants and small roadside eating houses in the region.It is generally eaten during nighttime and is a complete meal.

Kottu is a Sri Lankan dish that can be prepared from roti or string hopper or noodles. The most common varieties of kottu are "beef kottu", "chicken kottu", "egg kottu" and "vegetable kottu". "Cheese kottu" and "seafood kottu" are also becoming popular in the region.  

The process of making kottu is very interesting. The traditional way of making kothu is - a hard metal surface is heated and the dough is laid upon it and two blunt metal pieces are used for cutting up and mixing of the kottu. Egg, vegetables and the preferred meat are added with spice and salt. You would listen to a very distinctive sound created by clashing of metal on metal that can be heard from a certain distant. Nowadays, a big metal pan is also used to prepare kottu.   

Kottu is served hot and comes with chili paste and chicken or beef or fish gravy. You can individually tailor kottu by requesting the chef to use desired amount of ingredients.   

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