Kudumbimalai, Batticaloa

Kudumbimalai has been described as Batticaloa’s rock. Undeniably, Mother earth has been generous with her blessings by granting this village thriving jungles, productive paddy fields, mind blowing landscapes, and most importantly the hat shaped rock. It’s no surprise why nature enthusiasts rate Kudumbimalai as one of the best places to visit in Batticaloa

Kudumbimalai also known as Thopigala is in the west of Batticaloa in Kiran Division. The village which is surrounded by thick green forest has become a hot spot for Eco Tourism, camping and mountain climbing. The land mark that makes the village so important is the large rock that stands 534 m (1,753 feet) above sea level. The forest reserve of Kudumbimalai, with a territory of over 700 square kilometers, houses several steep rocky mountains. The village borders the Maduru Oya natural habitat from the west and the Otunugala forest reserve in the South. The British named this rock as “Barron’s Cap." In Tamil it’s called “Thopikal” and in Sinhala as “Thopigala." Kudimbimalai or Thopigala is an ideal place for bird watching and wildlife. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you.

The Village and its surrounding area remain hot and humid during the dry season. You could visit some of the irrigation tanks in the village which provides water for both humans and cultivation as rain water remains a scarcity. Walk through the village gravel roads and speak to the locals to understand their culture, food habits, and traditional agriculture practices. If you have plans for a mountain climb, it's better to have a tour guide who is conversant of the area

Thopigala is 58km from Batticaloa town, it takes around 1 ½ hrs to reach the village. You could take a bus from Batticaloa bus stand to Kudumbimalai which leaves at 8 in the morning


Latitude: 7.832532 Longitude: 81.389776 Elevation: 134 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Charles Rajendra Moses

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