Lanka Patuna, Trincomalee

Lanka Patuna is located 40 kilometers away from Mutur town on the Eachchilapmattai – Batticaloa coastal belt in Verugal Division. One of the oldest Buddhist temples “Samudragiri Viharaya” is located here by the beach on fifteen acres of land. It is believed that the Indian Prince Dhantha and Princes Hemamala landed here in the 4th century CE carrying the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha from Kalinga in India. The relic was under threat, therefore sent to Lanka, which was the abode of Buddhism.

Lanka Patuna vihara is gifted with the beauty of nature as its eastern boundary is the ocean and southern boundary is the lagoon. The ruins of the ancient Buddhist temple can be found scattered in a large area and a new dagoba has been constructed. The Vihara provides boarding facilities for devotees.

At the same time it was earlier called as Ilankaithurai Mugaththuwaram. It has a very beautiful blue water beach with corals (like Hikkaduwa beach in the South of Sri Lanka). It has to be rehabilitated.  

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Latitude: 8.357349 Longitude: 81.389628 Elevation: 43 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Fayis Salam

Hours Open

Can be visited from morning till evening

Seasons Open


Time Period Represented

4th century CE

Visitor Fees

No visitor's fee

Accessibility Notes

Located around 40 kilometers from Trincomalee – Batticaloa coastal belt in Verugal Division. Sign boards are displayed by the main road and the junction to guide the visitors. There is an junction called Kallady in the Trincomalee Batticaloa road in Verugal (before the veruga bridge from Trincomalee). Take the road on the east side from the junction. It will direct you to Lankapatuna. From Muthur take east side road from the junction called Mutchanthi (Near the Singala Maha Vidyalaya, Muthur). It is only 22KM from the junction. Road is in good condition and all kind of vehicles can access.

It's a preserved religious site and there are expected appropriate behavious and dress code. Head gear and shoes not allowed.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets not allowed.

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