Lover’s Leap, Trincomalee

Lover's Leap is located in close proximity to Koneswaram Temple and gives the viewers a breathtaking and thrilling scenic view. A rock of around 350 feet sheer drop! The Hindus believe this as “Ravana’s Cleft”. On your right just a few meters before stepping into the Temple, you will locate this famous spot.  

There are two legendary and heart touching stories behind Lover’s Leap, and both seem to be almost similar. The first one is about Francina van Reed. She was the daughter of a gentleman of the rank in the civil service of Holland. She was engaged to a young Dutch officer. He broke off the engagement, and when his period of Foreign Service was over, at the time he embarked for Holland, the forsaken girl watched the vessel from the promontory of Swami Rock, and when the ship was taking away and passed the rock face she flung herself from the rock into the sea.

The other story revolves around the love story of a British lady by the name of Marina who jumped off this rock after her love affair was broken. A British captain whom Marina fell in love with was recalled to the UK. Consequently after he left the country in a ship from the Trincomalee harbour, Marina unable to cope up with the grief took her life by jumping off this rock.

There are also stories of a few Sri Lankans who jumped off the Lover's Leap and committed suicide because of their broken or failed love affairs.

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Latitude: 8.583366 Longitude: 81.245602 Elevation: 7 ft
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Accessibility Notes

It is located by Koneswaram Temple just a few meters away. For the safety of visitors, a 3 foot high security wall has been built and visitors are requested not to cross this wall. If you are accompanied with your little children take care of them.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pet animals are not allowed as it is located in the vicinity of a sacred Temple. 

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