Mambo's Arugam Bay

Mambo’s Arugam Bay hotel is located in the most beautiful and scenic part of Arugam Bay, right on the beach and surrounded by palms and trees on all sides. Rooms are located in the shade of garden with a beautiful ocean view. Restaurant, bar, chill-out zones, park of the hammocks and free sun beds on the beach are situated in the front part of hotel. Mambos hotel is also the best and only place where you can watch colorful Arugam Bay’s sunsets.

Mambo's is a brand uniting under its name two hotels on the southwest and east coast of the island, in Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay. The outstanding feature of Mambo's hotels is their great location on the beach and unique friendly atmosphere, combined with their high level of service and comfort.

Mambo's is perfectly suitable for all types of tourists, from youth to families with children, and also its an ideal vacation spot for surfers because both hotels are located in the front of surf points.

There is a bar and restaurant, chill out zone, surf shop and surf school. The shop sells all surf equipment and beach wear and you can also rent surfboards and sign up for surf lessons.

Mambo's doesn't cooperate with travel agencies but accepts requests for reservation directly from tourists through its official website.

Entertainment and activities

Hotel facilities include: hookah (shisha) bar, billiards, table tennis, board games, TV, surfboard rental, kayak rental, beach games, hammocks, a professional telescope and more. There is a famous Saturday night beach party in Mambo's Arugam Bay hotel every week.

The hotel also can organize travel to Sri Lanka and transfers to and from the airport.

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Latitude: 6.839505 Longitude: 81.83606 Elevation: 19 ft
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Mambo Thusara

Inn Style

 The hotel offers rooms in three different categories:

 • Beach guest house

Amenities: bedroom, bathroom, ceiling fan, bed with mosquito net, wardrobe, table, mirror, terrace with table and chairs. The guest house can be for a single, double or triple occupancy. The price includes breakfast.

• Beach bungalow - ocean view room

Amenities: bedroom, bathroom, air condition, ceiling fan, bed with mosquito net, wardrobe, table, mirror, terrace with table and chairs. Bungalows can be for single, double or triple and bigger bungalows can accommodate up to four people. The price includes breakfast.

• Luxury Beach bungalow - ocean view room

Amenities: entrance hall, bedroom, king size canopy styled bed with mosquito net, bathroom, air conditioning, ceiling fan, TV, refrigerator, music system, wardrobe, dressing table, terrace with table and chairs. Luxury bungalows can be for single or double. occupancy The price includes breakfast.

Breakfast Style Served

Breakfast Not Included

Seasons Open

Year round

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

Mambo owns the business.

Accessibility Notes

Easy access—we are located in front of Arugam Bay baby surf point .

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