Natural Wonders

With numerous national parks, this region is known for the wild beauty of its landscapes and the wonderful diversity of its flora and fauna.

“It’s not just the wildlife and stunning natural beauty that surrounds us from each corner; it’s the energy of the land, the magical experiences, and a strong spiritual connection from the land to the sky. The lights and sound that open our spiritual eye and heart live here.”

- Raffaella, D'Agostino, Manager, East Surf Cabanas, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

“The war is over; we may involve in full scale fishing within the lagoon again. We are contented to see the development around us, and the improvement of market for good fish catch. Before this, there was great turmoil and turbulence during the period of civil war, when fishing restrictions were in place. The financial gain we tend to earn was therefore low. This made life harder for us, as we could not depend only on fishing for living, and we were not able or skilled enough to try our luck in other labor, skill and expertise.”

- Fisherman, Eastern Sri Lanka

"Sri Lanka’s longest river, the Mahaveli, starts in the lush green hill country and flows 352 km down to Tricomalee harbor. The river brings nutrients all the way from hill country to the paddy fields where people cultivate traditional paddy without extra fertilizer."

- Mr. R. Rajarammohan, President East Lanka Chamber of Commerce, Trincomalee

the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Smriti Daniel