Nilaveli Tourist Boat Services Cooperative Society Limited, Trincomalee

Nilaveli Tourist Boat Services Cooperative Society Limited is a registered body of boat owners at Nilaveli and Gopalapuram areas who operate boat services to Pigeon Island, Red Rocks, Coral Garden, Irakkakandy Lagoon, dolphin and whale watching and deep sea fishing, 

They have 33 registered members in the Society representing all three communities—Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils. 

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Latitude: 8.707581 Longitude: 81.188898 Elevation: 20 ft
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About the Vessel

There are 33 fiber glass boats operated by the Society. Each boat is powered by a 15HP outboard motor and operated by an experienced boatman. Boats are fully insured and the passengers are provided with life jackets. 

Maximum number of passengers for boat trips: 

* Pigeon Island - 7

* Coral Garden and Red Rock - 4

* Dolphin and whale Watching - 4

* Deep sea fishing - 3-4

* Lagoon tour - 6

Seasons Open and Departure

Mainly operated during the high season - April to September. 6.00 am for dolphin & whale watching, and 7.30 am for other tours.

Length of Tour

Dolphin and whale watching - 4 hours, fishing - 2.5 hrs, Coral Garden & Red Rock - 3 hours, Pigeon Island - 2 to 3 hrs, lagoon tour - 2.5 hrs

Costs and Fees

Pigeon Island - LKR 2000, dolphin and whale watching - LKR 14000, Coral Garden - LKR 4000, Red Rock - LKR 6000, deep sea fishing - LKR 4000, and lagoon tour - LKR 4000

Appropriate Age Groups

There is no restriction. However it is not suitable for the elderly or young infants. Children should be taken care by their parents.

How to Find the Departure Point

Drive to Nilaveli beach public area. You would see the sign board of their temporary office by the beach site.

Eco-Friendly Notes

Passengers should obey the rules and regulation in force at the places where they visit.  

Locally or Family-Owned Business

It is a registered society under Cooperative Development Department. 

Accessibility Notes

Nilaveli Beach is located approximately 17 km from Trincomalee town. It is easy to locate Nilaveli Beach. The office of the Boat Service Coop Society is situated by Nilaveli beach site.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not allowed.

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