Oddamavadi, Batticaloa

Oddamavadi is the first town you will reach while traveling from Colombo to Batticaloa and the first town to reach while traveling from Trincomalee as well. Oddamavadi is one of the highest fish producing divisions of Batticaloa. The important land marks of the town are the 250m Oddamavadi steel bridge, Ameer Alli stadium, and the malty day boat landing site. Oddamavadi is the place where the Valachenai lagoon meets with the sea. You could visit the Valachenai fisheries harbor close by to witness the big boats in action as well as boat mending and net mending activities. On your way back from Batticaloa, Oddamavadi is the best place to buy quality dry fish products to take back with you. 



Latitude: 7.913396 Longitude: 81.520208 Elevation: 33 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Charles Rajendra Moses

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