Okanda Beach, Ampara

One of the top surfing areas on the eastern coast. In the proximity of Okanda temple and Kumana National Park.

Just 28 km away from Arugam Bay, a drive through a patch jungle path leads to the Okanda beach, where surfing and encounters with the wild elephants and leopards come hand in hand. Okanda is a point break for regular surfers. There are about three line-ups in Okanda, the last one is ideal for experienced surfers and the front two are for intermediate surfers. However the rocky cliffs standing just next to the waves could be a threat to the amateur. The beaches at Okanda are also ideal for sunbathing and sunset surfing. Okanda is a life time experience.

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Latitude: 6.653102 Longitude: 81.77386 Elevation: 4 ft
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Udana Wickramasinghe

Recreational Opportunities

Surfing, sunbathing, photography, sightseeing, exploring, wildlife

Seasons Accessible

Can be accessed year-round. Best season is between April and August.


Not applicable

Accessibility Notes

Potuvil - Panama -- Turn right toward Panama-Kumbukkana Road--Turn left onto Okanda Temple Road – Okanda Beach (approximately 360 km from Colombo)

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