Old Kallady Bridge, Batticaloa

The bridge was built  by the British in 1924 to link the isolated Puliyanthivu island with rest of the mainland. The bridge was named "Lady Manning Bridge" by the British and well known as Kallady bridge at present. The bridge is known to  be the longest iron bridge in Sri Lanka.The bridge at present is not in use since a new wider concrete bridge has been built parallel to cater the heavy two way traffic. The old bridge is still intact and has a scenic view of the Batticaloa Lagoon. Catch the action of fishermen in small boats fishing around the bridge. The old Dutch fort, fish shaped St. Sebastian church and the lagoon bar mouth opening is visible at a distance from this spot.         

Batticaloa's singing fish name is strongly associated with the Kallady bridge. In the late 1950's until recent time a low pitched bass sound was herd coming from the water from the surroundings of this bridge, It was believed to be the singing of the fish. The sounds were herd mostly during full moon days. 

The bridge is approximately 275 meters long.

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Latitude: 7.719949 Longitude: 81.706177
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Charles Rajendra Moses

Accessibility Notes

  • Accessible for persons with disabilities.
  • Vehicles are not allowed through the bridge except bicycles
  • around 1km away from Batticaloa town. 


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