Oluvil Harbour, Ampara

The Oluvil Harbour situated in Ampara district at the southern east coast of Sri Lanka, is a commercial port and fisheries harbour declared opened in September 2013.  The commercial port comprises 330 meters of quay with a water depth of 8 meters while the fishing port comprises 200 meters of quay with a water depth of 3 meters. The breakwater of the two harbors is 1475 meters long. New jetty of the Fishing Port is 260 meters and the jetty of the Commercial Port is 390 meters.

The Fishing Harbor will provide the services for 500 boats at one time and could handle vessels with capacity of 50,000 metric tons. The fisheries harbour consists of ice plants, cold room facilities, storage facilities for fishing equipments and many more. The harbor basin covers an area of 16ha of the sea and spreads 1.2 km along the coast line. Oluvil is the main fishing harbor in the Eastern coast and would become a hub for all international trawlers as a base to unload their fresh fish which will be processed for export to Japanese, Chinese and other Asian markets.

With the Financial assistance granted by the government of Denmark, the development work of the Oluvil Harbour commenced in July 2008 at a cost of 7,000 million rupees and completed in August 2013.


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Latitude: 7.275 Longitude: 81.866667 Elevation: 3 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Sightseeing, photography

Seasons Accessible

Can be accessed all year round.


No Entrance Fee

Accessibility Notes

Situated approximately 14 kilometers south of Kalmunai.  Kalmunai – Karaitivu – Nintavur – Oluvil University – pass Oluvil Junction – Harbour Junction (a highway of two lanes) - turn left – continue for 1.5 km approximately – Security Point & Main Gate – turn right and continue – Entrance to the Fishing Hasrbour. Ask the Security personnel on duty. They will guide you how to get into the Port.

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