Oluvil Lighthouse, Ampara

Oluvil Lighthouse is considered to be the first lighthouse constructed after the Sri Lankan independence. It is situated near the Oluvil Harbour on the southern east coast of Sri Lanka and maintained by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

The white cylindrical concrete lighthouse tower was built in 1999 as the initial part of Oluvil Harbour development project. Height of the lighthouse is 24 meters (79 ft). It has a lantern and gallery.


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Latitude: 7.290414 Longitude: 81.867244 Elevation: 10 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Oluvil Lighthouse area has already become a popular destination for local tourists.

Great site for sightseeing, photography, picnics

Seasons Accessible

Accessible all year round. 


No visitor's fee

Accessibility Notes

 Oluvil Lighthouse is located about 12 kilometers south of Kalmunai.

Kalmunai – Karaitivu – Nintavur – Oluvil University – Oluvil Junction (Light House Road) – turn left – continue for approximately 2 km to the beach and lighthouse.

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