Panama Village, Ampara

Panama is a small traditional farming village located approximately 15 km South of Arugambay, on your way to Kumana National Park. The community is mixed with Sinhala & Tamil communities there have been couple of mixed marriages between  these two communities.

What is unique in Panama is, the farmers are still using the traditional farming methods which is no more in several areas due to the influence of modern machinery. If you happen to visit the village during the beginning of cultivation  or during harvesting, you can see the difference.

Similarly, Panama is gifted with lot of natural  richness and heritage. The Panama tank is famous crocodile viewing point. The surrounding paddy fields are naturally fertile and grow traditional varieties of paddy. There is a small crocodile pond and bird watching area by the road side which attract the visitors. Every one passing this area do not miss the amazing scene. The Pathtini Amman Kovil, known as Kombu Santhikkovil, has a long history and very popular for its 15 days long annual festival during the month of August. There are several myths and beliefs around this temple. the festival is celebrated with various cultural and religious events and competitions. "Kombu Iluththal (horn or hook pulling)" is the most significant and thrilling event.  In addition, the village is guarded by natural sand dunes from  the sea. You can also find very delicious sea food like prawn & fish from Panama village.


Latitude: 6.758059 Longitude: 81.808772 Elevation: 32 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Faizar Sulfi

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