People and Culture

Sri Lankan culture is thick, broad, and deep. It goes back millennia and today is represented by three belief systems: Tamil, Muslim, and the Koneswaram Hindu Kovil. They all catch fish on the island’s  east coast and offer to you their land to enjoy.

“If you come soon to Arugam Bay, you will get an authentic experience.   You’ll find beachfront cabanas on stilts, with their steps made from old catamarans. We’re one of the world’s best destinations for surfing  -- the whole vibe is here. There are many different surf breaks for people of all levels. You can expect to meet a lot of travellers with a similar mindset to yours.”

- Priyal Madhushanka Kirimage, team member at Surf Team Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

“The beauty of Trincomalee is that it’s home for all of Sri Lanka’s major ethnic communities and cultures. Many cultural events provide opportunity for people to get-together without religious or cultural differences. One good example is the annual “kite festival” celebrated in June where families accompany their children with home-made kites gather at the town beach. Every weekend you would see people gather in beaches to spend their evening time and have no differences. Places like Pigeon Island, Fort Fredric, Koneswaram temple, Vilgam vihara, Lanka Patuna and Hot wells are visited by all communities.” 

 Mr. Rajan, is Asst. Manager of JKAB Park Hotel



the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Smriti Daniel