Rambakan Oya, Mahaoya

Rambakan Oya .........once dammed and tamed by the great Kings of Sri Lanka like King Saddatissa and Parakramabahu the great Rambakan Oya is a tributary of Mundeni Aru, which flaws though Borders of Moneragala and Ampara. 

Today after being cold stored for nearly three decades due to the war, Rambakan Oya irrigation project is back on track with a mega dam built in Pollebadda, a village occupied  by the Vedda, the Indigenous community of Lanka. 

Rambakan Oya would be the biggest irrigation project in the Eastern province and is expected to cost Rs. 2.5 billion rupees. The project provides clean accessible drinking water to over 2,500 families in the area who now walk miles for drinkable water, in these semi-arid provinces.

The dam is over one kilometer long and 25 meters tall sustaining 130 square kilometers of water. It has three sluice gates including a separate gate for the supply of drinking water. From the dam a 6.7 kilometer long Anicut is being constructed to feed the water to six other smaller reservoirs, which are also under construction. These six reservoirs would provide water to irrigate over 12,000 acres while a 12 kilometer underground canal carrying drinking water would be constructed connecting to a new reservoir named in Nilabe.

Nearly 3000 families, who were exiled from their land due to raging war, would be resettled under the new irrigation scheme bringing hope to lives ravaged by a three decade long war. 


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Latitude: 7.601419 Longitude: 81.210898 Elevation: 312 ft
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Udana Wickramasinghe

Recreational Opportunities

Photography, sightseeing, boat ride and fishing.

Seasons Accessible

Rambakan Oya can be accessed through out the year.


No entrance fee.

Accessibility Notes

Rambakan Oya is located approximately 15 km from Mahaoya town where you would find a sign board.

The route: Colombo – Kandy – Maha Oya Town – Turn Right – Pass Niloba, Kelavinna and Pollebedda Villagers (15km) – Rambakan Oya (Approximately 256 Km – 5 Hours drive from Colombo)

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