Rice & Curry in Eastern Sri Lanka

Rice & Curry is referred as the national traditional meal in Sri Lanka. In the Eastern Sri Lanka, people eat rice at least two times a day. It is a popular dish you would find everywhere in the hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and homes. In common, you would have a large bowl or plateful of boiled rice accompanied by at least five side dishes. The side dishes may comprise of a curry of meat, most often fish or chicken or beef, dhal curry, 2 or 3 vegetable curries, little poppadums and spicy sambol. The list of side dishes sometimes may go even as many as 10.

All these hotels, restaurants & guesthouse serve red rice and white rice as per your preference. You may also find in their menu different terms such as boiled/steamed rice, vegetable rice, fried rice, buriyani, milk rice etc. Ask the waiter/chef to explain if necessary before you choose a one. Along with the local varieties of rice, many of these hotels and restaurants use imported varieties of rice as well.

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