Salli Muthumariamunam Kovil

Nestled on the beach next to a large banyan tree around the bend from Uppuveli, the beautiful, candy-colored Salli Kovil is a small Hindu temple in an impossibly picturesque location. Easily accessible, it's a great spot to explore with a small creek filled with fishing boats on one end, and a small hill perfect for scrambling up to enjoy the view over Uppuveli, with Swami rock in the distance.  

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Latitude: 8.630349 Longitude: 81.224296 Elevation: 36 ft
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Annessa Kaufman

Hours Open to Visitation

Open daily

Accessibility Notes

4 km from Uppuveli or a short boat ride away. On the beach across from Fisherman's Creek in the small village of Salli.

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