Sangamankanda Point, Pottuvil

Sangamankanda Point (called "Sangamankandy") is the easternmost point of Sri Lanka where the beach is still unsullied and as wide as 100 meters. 

A Lighthouse at this Eastern corner of Sri Lanka has been built in 1947 with a height of 25 feet but was destroyed during the 2004 tsunami and only a 15 feet of the light house now remains.

Sangamankanda lies on the Potuvil - Kalmune route and can be identified as a small hillock lying close to the road. But to reach the lighthouse one needs to trespass private property and walk quite a few meters from the main road. 

There are also ruins of an ancient Buddhist temple and a newly built Ganesh Kovil on site. 

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Latitude: 7.025773 Longitude: 81.877953 Elevation: 8 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Udana Wickramasinghe

Recreational Opportunities

Swimming, surfing, hiking, camping, photography, sightseeing.

Seasons Accessible



No visitor fees

Eco-Friendly Notes

Unspoiled, long and wide beach. Visitors are expected to preserve the beauty of the nature.  

Accessibility Notes

Drive to Pottuvil. Drive on to Pottuvil - Akkaraipattu - Batticaloa main road. Turn right from the main road on to the lane heading to Sangamankandy point. Follow the direction given at the sigh board or inquire from a local resident.

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