Taste Batticaloa's Aroma at Hajiyar's Restaurant

Hajiyar restaurant has been serving delicious biryani for over three generations to the citizens of Batticaloa and still remains to be one of the famous restaurants in Batticaloa. Hajiyar restaurant is located in Batticaloa town, and is always on demand. They serve a variety of food which includes, Srilankan, Chinese and semi Indian. They are renowned for their biryani.

The Hajiyar biryani meal comprises of yellow rice with vegetables and dry fruits added into it, a piece of Chicken either fried, devilled or even as curry depending on your choice, salad, a piece of pineapple and devilled potatoes. This is what a Srilankan biryani is made of, more extravagant and unique in its own way compared to the typical Indian one.

Hajiyar restaurant was founded by Hajiyar and after his demise, his sons took over. I still remember his son saying “This is my father’s recipe that we are following until today and I promise you that you’ll never find a biryani like this in the whole of Batticaloa”. In addition to biryani they also serve plain rice with any non-vegetarian curry of your choice (chicken, mutton, fish, egg or beef) along with vegetables which is a typical Tamil Srilankan meal. If you are in for Chinese, they serve that as well, you’ll have a new experience trying something called as Srilankan Chinese. Sounds different? You can’t expect a typical Chinese food in the restaurants here. There’s always a Srilankan touch.

For dessert they serve ice cream, fruit salad and watallappam. They are famous for their watallappam, it’s a typical Muslim Srilankan dessert made of jaggery, kithul treacle and coconut milk. Sounds delicious isn’t it.

Well, do give it a try; your taste buds will get to relish something exotic.



Ragavi Ravichandran

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Ragavi Ravichandran

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10 am - 9 pm

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whole year

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