The Dutch Fort of Batticaloa

Even though the fort is known as the "Dutch Fort", the structure was built by the Portuguese in 1628. The dutch captured the Fort from the Portuguese on May 18th 1638 and then the British occupied it from 1745.  It is a square structure with 4 bastions, bordered by the lagoon on two sides and a moat on the other two sides. Batticaloa Fort houses within its premises a Buddhist stupa and Chatra dated back to 1st century BC and a small room of exhibits used during the history of the fort  

The Dutch Fort is located at Puliyanthivu island, in the town of Batticaloa, close to the Weber Stadium and the public library. At present the Kachcheri (Government Agent's office) is housed within the fort premises. Plans are underway to move the Kachcheri to another location and dedicate the fort for tourism activities, however it is possible for visitors to walk the walls and explore the fort even now. 

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Latitude: 7.712571 Longitude: 81.701944 Elevation: 2 ft
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Charles Rajendra Moses

Hours Open

9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Seasons Open

Can be visited year round

Visitor Fees


Accessibility Notes

Access is limited for persons with disabilities due to the steep stairway which provides the only access. Permission to certain parts of the premises is restricted during working hours on week days. It would be ideal to visit the fort during weekends and public holidays to have full access to the premises. 

A security officer is present at the entrance at all times for any assistance.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are not allowed into the Fort 

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