Trincomalee Fort

This is located by Trincomalee town. The famous Koneswaram Temple is located inside this fort. This Hindu temple earlier know as temple of thousand Pillars. According to historical information,Portuguese had demolished the old Koneswaram Temple and they build this fort with the parts of that. The remaining things were push down to the sea. According to the historical facts, this place also known as Gokanna and the Gokanna Temple also located in side this, where the current Koneswaram Temple is located.Occupying the neck of a narrow peninsula, Trincomalee Fort (Fort Fredrick) has been a defensively important site for centuries. A fortress was initially constructed here by the Portuguese in 1623 and later rebuilt by the Dutch. The British took over in 1782 (look out for royal insignias crowning the tunnel-like gateway that pierces the fort’s massively stout walls).

The fortress is occupied today by the Sri Lankan military, but you're able to wander around substantial parts of this once huge garrison.

Assorted cannons and artillery are dotted around the enclave, which also contains a small number of spotted deer.

The impressive Georgian-style mansion (not open to visitors) is Wellesley House , named after a Duke of Wellington. It dates from the late 1700s.

There's also a big standing Buddha statue at the Gokana Temple , from where there are fine views of Trinco and the coastline.




Latitude: 8.577267 Longitude: 81.24348 Elevation: 76 ft
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