Twin Barrel Channel, Pollebedda - Mahaoya

Another wonder made by Sri Lankan ancient Kings!....In the surrounding of Rabakan Oya Reservoir.

Around 370 feet long twin barrel sluice (channel) made of dressed stones believed to be constructed either by "Prince Giri Abaya" or Prince Saddhadissa" who commenced the construction of Rambakan Oya reservoir in the 3rd Century.

Each block is around 7 feet long, 3 feet height and 2 feet width, neatly dressed with joints to fit with each other. It is obvious that they were constructing a major irrigation scheme using elephants or some other supper powers and the work had to be stopped before it was completed due to some reasons. Visitors can find large number of  similar blocks in the surrounding that were brought for the channel construction. It is still unimaginable how and from where they had brought these blocks.

Now, this has been announced as an archaeological site maintained by Department of Archaeology.       

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Latitude: 7.607564 Longitude: 81.261861 Elevation: 407 ft
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Hours Open

One can visit this site at any time during day hours.

Time Period Represented

3rd Century

Seasons Open

All year round

Visitor Fees

No Visitor's fee

Accessibility Notes

Situated near Rabakan Oya Reservoir, 11.5 km from Mahaoya Junction.

Mahaoya Junction - Rambakan Oya road - Niloba - Pollebedda - continue towards reservoir -  turn left at the small road heading to the stone channel. Sign boards are available.  

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