Unnichchai Tank, Batticaloa

Unnichchai is an agrarian village situated around 40 km to the west of Batticaloa town in the eastern province. The Unichchai Tank, well known for fishing and swimming, is one of the major reservoirs in the district with a water capacity of 41,500 acre feet and maintained by the Irrigation Department, Chenkalady. In 1957, the tank was breached by the cyclonic flood and got reconstructed in the year 1985. During heavy rainy season, the Tank spills water more than ten times of its capacity. Many parts of Batticaloa district receive drinking water supply from this tank.

The Unnichchai Tank is located in a wonderful landscape surrounded by graze lands, rocks, and tropical rain forest. You can have a superb view of the Tank if can make your visit during spilling of the tank. You can sit together with the villagers on the concrete wall of the tank and engage in fishing. The poor and friendly fishermen there will take you around the tank in their fishing canoe on your request. Enjoy a safe swimming session with your family & friends but with some caution if the water level is high.   

On your way through the paddy fields and shrubs to the tank, you would enjoy watching species of birds and grazing cattle with smiling faces of innocent farmers. You would also meet the dancing peacock and wild elephants on your way if you are lucky.    

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Latitude: 7.604444 Longitude: 81.536944 Elevation: 98 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
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Recreational Opportunities

Sight seeing, walking along the tank bunt, swimming (with caution), fishing, photography, canoe trip.

Ideal to organize a family or group picnic where you can bring necessary stuff to cook your own food with fresh fish caught by you.

Seasons Accessible

Accessible year round 


Free of charge. Can contribute a small amount if you want to take a conoe trip.

Accessibility Notes

The road up to the tank is reconstructed and you can travel in any vehicle. If you are coming from Batticaloa, please take your left turn at Chenkalady Junction to Karadiyanaru (11km) and again turn left at Karadiyanaru Junction (close to the Agriculture Farm) to Unnichchai tank (14km). Chenkalady to Batticaloa is 16 km.

Public transport service is also available but limited.    

Pet Friendly Notes

Better not to take your pet animals.

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