Upali Beach Surf Resort, Arugam Bay

Secluded in front of Arugam Bay's main surfing point, Upali Beach Surf Resort offers exclusive bungalows facing the sea which are perfect for surfers looking for peaceful nights lulled by the sound of the ocean, uncrowded early season nature lovers, and couples looking for a wild and romantic beach experience.
Our cabanas' architecture blends a wood structure with a pol athu (traditional) roof to a safari tent uncluttered deco to provide our guests a unique and relaxing experience : surf breaking sea views, light-filled rooms due to the fabric walls, cool temperature thanks to the traditional coconut leaves roof and ceiling. Definitely not for those who need blind concrete bedrooms with AC, but really for nature lovers.

Our Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and diner and is also open to the public.

Our sunbeds, hammocks, slack line are reserved for our customers.
Great choice of games available.
Chill to groovy music.


Latitude: 6.839522 Longitude: 81.838941 Elevation: 10 ft
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Property Access

Upali Beach Surf Resort is nested on a large and wild piece of land, just in front of the main surfing point (one of the 10th best surf break in the world with a 300m long ride with 3 sections) between the ocean, the jungle and a sand hill.

Please note that our secluded surf camp is 300 meters from the road therefore guests will have to walk or to get dropped by a Jeep. Nevertheless do not hesitate to give us a call if you wish to arrange a scheduled pick-up of your luggage by our staff at the beach entrance.

Warming Source


Kitchen Supplies Available (if any)

Upali Beach Surf Cafe offers healthy breakfast, tasty burgers (chicken, fish and beef depending on daily market) named after surf maneuvers served with homemade french fries, pasta and salads, and of course cold sodas, fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice teas and coffees, sweets and much more.

What to Bring

A surfboard, a torch, a powerful sunscreen and mosquito repellent

Nightly Rate or Fee (if any)

5000-10000 slr depending on season

Locally or Family-Owned Business Notes

Asanka, the owner - and best Sri Lankan surfer since 2006 - and his parents and grandparents have been running this place for decades

Accessibility Notes

Due to its unique location in front of the main surf spot on the southern side of the beach, Upali Beach Surf Resort does not have any road access. Unless they get dropped by a 4 wheel drive vehicule, guests will have to walk on the beach to access the resort. Therefore Upali Beach Surf resort is not suitable for people with walking disability.



Seasons Open

Year round with booking between 1/11 to 1/3

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