Uppuveli Beach, Trincomalee

The East situated town of Trincomalee has so much in store and so much to offer to the avid tourist – from unspoilt beaches to stunning remains that bear evidence to being a colony ruled by the Portuguese in the 17th century. 

Uppuveli Beach (also know as Allesgarden Beach) is one of the most picturesque and scenic beaches found in Trincomalee as well as in Sri Lanka, relatively unspoilt and clean. The beach stretches around 4 km. The area is famous for bathing and swimming, owing to the relative shallowness of the sea. 

Uppuveli beach is close to the Trincomalee City and has been a popular site for tourists especially for budget travelers and local tourists. Several low cost accommodation units with restaurants, home stays and spas are in operation at present. During the season the beach is fully packed with foreign tourists.   

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Latitude: 8.602241 Longitude: 81.222099
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Recreational Opportunities

Bathing, swimming, surfing, boating, nature walking

Seasons Accessible

The beach can be visited all seasons round the year. April to September is the peak season. November, December, January and April are packed with local tourists.  



Eco-Friendly Notes

The Uppuveli Beach is one of the finest beaches in Sri Lanka and facing the threat of pollution due to the irresponsible behavior of the visitors who throw their trash here and there. 

It is strongly requested that all visitors contribute to maintain the cleanliness of the beach by practicing proper waste disposal behavior.  

Accessibility Notes

Located around 4 km from the Trincomalee town along Trincomalee-Nilaveli Road. Can access by any vehicle at any season. Main roads are in good condition and the interior roads have small yet manageable potholes.  

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