What remains are the remains - Anapanthi Temple

The Anapanthi temple is located in hospital road close to the Batticaloa General Hospital, Batticaloa. In the year 1956, during the heavy floods, only this area remained unaffected and remained a shelter spot for the forest elephants who came in search of shelter during the floods. Hence, this temple earned the name “Anapanthi”.

The main God of this temple is Ganesh (Son of Lord Shiva).

Though this temple was once a colorful fair, now it’s deserted. The renovation of this temple was started long time back (about 6 years), but still remains incomplete due to the lack of funds. All the idols are placed in one room while the “Moolasthana” remains empty and the floor is damaged. Every day the morning pooja takes place as usual and people visit the temple as well. But, not as crowded as it used to be.


Ragavi Ravichandran


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Latitude: 7.397856 Longitude: 81.805885 Elevation: 15 ft
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Ragavi Ravichandran

Hours Open to Visitation

Open always. Pooja timings : 6 am ,12 pm, 6 pm

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