Yan Oya bird-watching, Kuchchaveli, Trincomalee

A small bird sanctuary on your way to Pulmoddai and Arisimalai. It is a haven for different species of local and migrant birds.

A wonderful place to view the birds at play.  

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Latitude: 8.893895 Longitude: 81.01592 Elevation: 25 ft
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Primary Species Commonly Experienced Here

Wetland birds such as flamingos, storks, ibis and ducks. 

Best Times and Seasons for Viewing

Morning or evening hours from February to May.

Access Considerations and Directions

The bird sanctuary is located on the Trincomalee to Pulmoddai main road near Thiriyaya (Kallarawa Junction that leads to the famous Girihadu Seya) and Yan Oya Bridge (linking Trincomalee and Pulmoddai). The sanctuary is part of Yan Oya. Drive around 200 meters from the junction and you will find the spot on your right if your are travelling from Trincomalee. If you travel from Pulmoddai, you would locate the spot on your left, 3.5km from the Yan Oya bridge.   

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